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Who is Dmitri Bountsman ? Dmitri Bountsman is a chess Grandmaster, software architect and entrepreneur based in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, Germany. Learning chess helped him overcome language barriers and becoming an International Grand Master opened...
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Dmitri Bountsman

Softwarearchitect and developer, Software architecture expert of the year 2019, Real Estate Investor
"At DAT (project size 120,000 person days) −as a SW architect I influenced both the technology and the structure −without my intervention, the project would have hit the wall"

My clients: DAT GmbH

"−I am the only one of all locations who manages to convert from old to new technologies without data loss, without interface changes and to full customer satisfaction −I decide what, how and where to..."

My clients: German customs

"At TROST in Stuttgart and GTÜ, I helped teams with architecture and software structure in an advisory capacity and with implementation technology"

My clients: Trost and GTÜ


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